3M 8210 Plus mask N95 mask x 20 NIOSH

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The 3M 8210 Plus pack comes in a quantity of 20 masks, perfect for protecting smaller businesses and their employees. The two-strap design and adjustable nose clip work together to create a strong, powerful seal, protecting the wearer from 95% of dangerous particles. This model is widely preferred by workers and employees across the globe as its construction is extremely lightweight, making it comfortable to wear for hours on end. This N95 mask is specifically designed for protection against dust-based particles, and additionally provides significant user protection from the inhalation of air based particles, although does not eliminate the risk of contracting illness. The Advanced Electret Media makes breathing effortless, while still keeping users completely protected. Recommended industries: construction, design, food processing, general manufacturing.


Users must educate themselves and be aware of the conditions for proper use and maximum protection.


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